About us

The 3wd community is connected by a shared commitment to do good and do well through accessible design statements.

To this end...We support artists and designers who are challenging and exploring the art of the apparel to create products that people will enjoy customizing, wearing and sharing.

We produce organic garments in factories which meet our principles and we print with durable eco-friendly technologies.


Explore our strengths

  • Eco Friendly

    We use 100% organic cotton and water-based natural dyes. We print with the revolutionary DTG technology. This means premium, durable, and environmentally friendly products.

  • Brick & Mortar

    We don't need photo-edits and flashy web backgrounds to impress. Stop by our brick & mortar on 51 Gloucester St. in Boston, MA, and check the quality for yourself, for real.

  • Fair business

    We manufacture under strict conditions to meet international standards of labor and trade. Artists, also, are equal partners in all our print sales.

  • Technology

    23” touch screens in the retail shop and an app-like website make us a fun shopping experience. We are unique in how we mix mobile and desktop user interfaces without sacrificing best web practices.

  • Premium but Affordable

    To bring organic products to more people, we decided to go with the less profit - more sales strategy, without sacrificing quality.. speaking of which, we're obsessed with quality control!

  • Artist based

    The artist’s portal is easy to use, yet rich with tools for the artists to submit, configure and monitor the performance of their art. Royalties from every printed design is split 50/50, meaning every artist earns a minimum of $5 per sale.


51 Gloucester Street
Boston, MA

T 8573053715

Opening hour:

Mon-Thu 11-6 Fri-Sat 11-8 Sun 12-5

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51 Gloucester Street
Boston, MA


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